Cast &Crew

The Cast and Crew that I've managed to assemble for this production are simply awsome. Hopefully, someday, I'll be able to sell this movie for lots of money so I can pay them what they are truly worth.

Part Actor/Actress
Richard Donovan Raymond St. Martin
Julian Virtues Tyler Lindsay
"Reamer" Orlando Roland
"Beav" Timothy Fischer
Jon Domino Matt Ducey
Jenny Chung Celeste Creel
Ian Kettering Loren Gardner
Karen Donovan Maria Lentini
Tech Zoe Klepper
Big Guard Alonzo Cabell
Dr. Burmen David Albert
Newscasters Meghan Khoury
Shannon Henry
Tom Yocom
VIP Tara Lofstrom
Tour Guard Victor Schutz
Burly Guard Rick Colombo
Young Guard Gino Dibiasi


Eric Bermender


Brad Falk

Director of Photography

Ken Hough


Jeff King

Audio Supervisor/
Associate Producer

Associate Producer Eric Christensen
GafferTom Cloutier
Best BoySteven Freed
Concept Artist/Camera OperatorCarrie Van Etten
Unit Production ManagerBrian Burke
Production AssistantSteve Sorenson
Grip/Assitant DirectoryDaniel Bermender
Hair and MakeupJennifer Woodward
Audio Technician/Musical ScoreGeorge Sakellariou
Production AssistantDave Woodward
Production Assistant/Craft ServicesJenny Bermender