It's the first day of 2006 and I've been busy working on DP durring my holiday break. The effects for Reel 4 are now completed, 2 more reels to go! I've replaced the trailer section of the web site with some new pics from various completed shots. I'm still trying for a Spring 2007 completion... but it will be tight. Please drop me a line if I havn't heard from you for a while.

    Oh... I've finally added Beav's puppet show in the "Behind the Scenes" section; a must see!


Richard Donovan is serving a "life without parole" prison term in a future that has cheated death. His crime... killing his wife in a society that had made it virtually impossible to die. Now he lives out his eternal life in a small, sterile cell in a high security prison. Because of the backup system that is used to reanimate the dead, and one man obsessed with Donovan serving out his sentence in it's entirety, his only goal is to put an end to his own life, permanently, using any means necessary to accomplish this... including destroying the very system that has condemned him to literally live forever in a Digital Purgatory.

(Registered by the WGAw, Inc., on July 12th, 1999, registration #754150)

About Digital Purgatory

I got the idea for this screen play while watching the Discovery Channel over a weekend. I watched an hour program on gene therapy and advancements on slowing the aging process. The program ended very optimistically with the assertion that someday people will not get old. Then a program about these guys living with life sentences in jail came on afterwards. I thought to my self that if anyone would hate to see a drug which makes you live forever it would be these guys living in prison for ever. So the basic primes of the story started to take form.

I haven't directed/produced a full feature length movie yet, so I decided to dive right in with this screen play. Luckily I work at Industrial Light and Magic so I have a lot of resources to tap in making this movie. I am going to be doing much of the effects work for the final cut of Digital Purgatory shortly after filming wraps in Aug. Although there are many effects shots, many are not that difficult (mainly composits) and shouldn't take much time for me to create. Also since we are shooting on the Digital Video format, I will not have to worry about film scanning or destructive video capture. I look forward to having a finished product to show everyone in Dec. 2000

Ha! I think I'm going to frame this paragraph in my office.

Well, that's about all for now, check back here in the Fall for more images and clips. Thanks for visiting.

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